The success of your hotel depends on many factors including a unique guest experience, location, customer service, guest feedback, and a social media presence. A successful hotel also understands the importance of sales efforts and dedicating time each day to capture your fair share of the market.

With today’s workforce challenges, hiring a dedicated salesperson may not be an option for many hotels. This often leaves putting your sales efforts to the front desk staff, or the general manager, who most likely doesn’t have the time or resources to be consistent or proactive with sales efforts.

This is where hiring a remote hotel sales service team can be a powerful resource and elevate sales presence in your market.

Increased Efficiency

Allowing an experienced sales team such as our team @GRANTHospitality to focus on prospecting, networking, building relationships, and gaining market share, decreases the administrative strain on your front desk staff, general managers, and team. The sales team works with existing customers, potential prospects, and key internal teams, like revenue managers. Working with revenue managers is extremely important for setting rates to meet the hotel’s strategic goals and maximize profitability. This allows your team more time to focus on customer service. It also provides hotel owners and operators peace of mind and the time to focus on operations and day-to-day activities.

A remote team can streamline sales processes while understanding the needs and issues of meeting planners, group business, the RFP process, and complex intricacies involving corporate accounts and travel.

Meeting regularly with your remote sales team helps a “green salesperson” or newly hired Director of Sales gain training and a better understanding of the big picture of hotel sales. Utilizing regularly scheduled sales meetings with hotel management staff, reviewing long-term strategies as well as guiding the hotel on how to make the most of their backyard potential can be key in training and strengthening existing staff’s knowledge and skills in selling your hotel.

Seasoned hotel sales professionals also add value by utilizing established key industry relationships and techniques for quickly finding and uncovering key decision makers and potential business in your area.

Cutting-edge Technology

Technology is key in keeping your hotel fully booked. Unfortunately, many hotels do not have the time and infrastructure in place to learn the latest hotel sales tools, train staff, and manage software updates. A remote sales team uses today’s current technology to connect with corporate and group business leads to take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace.

Remote teams have access to multiple channels such as Lanyon, Cvent, LeadGibbon, and Construction Journal, that help surface potential leads and contacts for those companies.

Lower Overhead

The most obvious benefit of a remote sales team is it can be an extension of your team without the overhead. Also, most hotel sales efforts can be done through outbound calls, online research, and email, which means sales meetings can also be held virtually.

Whether you are opening a new hotel, an independent boutique hotel, or managing a branded property with limited staff, sales efforts are important to the overall success of your hotel.

Don’t let leads slip away! Great salespeople will be your hotel ambassadors, community builders, marketers, and analysts always utilizing cutting-edge resources to land business for your hotel.

Utilizing a dedicated remote hotel sales team that possess the expertise and proven ability to get results, can ease the stress of filling your hotel and increase your bottom line.