If booking more weddings is a focus for your hotel, you are likely attending one or more wedding vendor events this spring. There are many kinds of vendor events in your community where you can set up a booth or a table and showcase what your hotel has to offer. Options for events include bridal and wedding expos, local venues that host weddings and sometimes even wineries.

Why Should My Hotel Participate in Vendor Events?

Setting up a small table at a local event is a great form of advertising for your hotel and gives you the chance to talk to people in your target market. You will also be able to collect contact information from the bride and groom that you can follow up on later. It also allows you to reach more couples and answer questions or even book on the spot. If the event is a success, you should see a nice return on investment for room bookings.

Prepare for the Event:

Once you have found an event to participate in, next prepare for the event by getting yourself and your vendor table ready.

Craft an Elevator Speech

You may be invited to introduce yourself and share highlights about your hotel, so come prepared with an elevator speech that you can use to sell your hotel’s features and benefits.

Focus on what is important to brides and grooms such as your expertise in booking wedding blocks, exceptional service and staff, hotel honors or awards, upgraded suite with blocks for the couple, restaurant, and bar on-site, etc. Also, include a reminder to sign up for a free giveaway!

During the Event:

Have Awesome Giveaways

Set your hotel apart by setting out items you can raffle off or give away, such as an upgraded room, complimentary stay, and food and beverage vouchers. Have the couples write their name, date of the wedding, email address, and phone number to place in a container for a drawing. Let them know you will notify the winner via email.

Standout Vendor Table

Presentation is everything, especially for brides and grooms planning their special day. Make your table shine by dressing it up with a tablecloth that corresponds with hotel brand colors and hotel signage to bring attention to your table.

An event book or framed photo with pictures of the hotel, hotel rooms, banquet room, and outdoor space is also a nice touch.

Also, adding beautiful flowers to your table to match the hotel brand color, or gift boxes filled with a few Hersey kisses sets a nice impression. If you want to add a giveaway in one of the boxes this would add additional excitement.

Vendor Networking for the Win

It is important to visit other vendor tables before and after the event, spending focused time with wedding planners. Use this time to get ideas, exchange business cards, share information, and invite them for a site tour. Remember, these vendors work with multiple event venues and are a great resource and referral to other venues and brides and grooms.

After the Event:

Attendee List for Follow Up

The wedding event isn’t over after the wedding event is over.

Be sure to check with event hosts to see if they will provide a list of brides and grooms in attendance. Having a list of names and email addresses is key so in case you are not able to speak to everyone at the event, it will be easy to reach out to inquire about needs. Also, you will want to send out personable follow-up emails soon after the event for those individuals you met with.

Thank the hosts of the event and bring along extra flowers, candy, or another small token of your appreciation for the invite. This really is appreciated by the hosts!

The wedding industry can be a big revenue source for your hotel considering wedding industry statistics reported a $21.43 billion global market in 2022. Vendor events can be a great way to build your wedding revenue and with a little creativity and know-how, these events can be a fun way to boost your wedding business today.