While those exotic trips are still placed on hold in 2021, many are looking for alternative options close to home. Experts forecast that domestic travel will continue to be one of the safest, most accessible options going into 2021. Road trips and budget-friendly options close to home are predicted as the top choice for travels. With 83% of Americans stating they prefer to travel within the U.S. for their first trip in 2021. Hotels need to be prepared to welcome these travelers with savvy packages and promotions.

The travelers are expecting a touchless check-in option with safety and cleanliness reinforced by procedures outlined on websites and social media. This will be integral for hotels to share with potential guests searching on TripAdvisor and online looking for reassurance. 

Smaller towns with midsize and smaller hotels like Comfort SuitesQuality SuitesHampton Inn and Holiday Inn will be popular as guests are looking for lesser-known destinations, especially with access to any outdoor activities in all seasons including winter. The length of stay patterns will be a little longer as many have additional freedom working remotely opening a new segment for hoteliers. The options of working remote allows you to capture a clientele that is a close distance to your hotel. Your target market is both the weekend getaway enthusiasts and those wishing to work outside of their home office for a change and flexibility of a longer stay.

People really want to travel, and with this in mind, hotels should create and implement an effective hotel revenue management strategy in which they should focus on providing offers and diversifying their revenue streams, rather than simply lowering room rates. 

As a hotelier, it’s crucial for you to understand these travel trends and behaviors to win business in 2021. Let us assist you in capturing this business.