Hotel sales teams should keep in mind the benefit of using local surroundings when working on filling a hotel and driving revenue. Gaining a pulse of the local scene will not only draw in guests from nearby companies, but it can also help drive revenue referred directly from locals and local businesses.

So how can your hotel leverage its resources locally? It’s going to take a combination of grassroots marketing plus online advertising. These efforts may include sales calls, word of mouth, free social media campaigns, and even referral bonuses.

The idea is to connect with your local market and build community relationships to help market your hotel and services. To determine the best approach, here are three questions hotel marketers should consider when looking for leads in your backyard.

Who are the companies in my backyard?

Take the time to meet key companies and event planners in your marketplace so that you will be thought of for business meetings and events. Drawing from the local businesses will give you an idea not only of potential corporate travelers but also of leisure travelers coming to the area. Coordinate with top vendors that surround the hotel and put together enticing packages that cannot be found at competitor hotels.

What type of business comes to the area?

It’s about understanding where travelers are visiting near your hotel so you can provide the ultimate experience. The Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is often an underutilized source, but a great place to start networking and gathering information. Creating a good relationship with your local CVB will keep your hotel front of mind when the CVB works with event planners and group organizers from other locations. Also, the CVB can be a great resource to learn what companies maybe be relocating to the area and may need group travel rates.

What’s happening in the future?

No matter the time of year, there are most likely always weekend events, concerts, workshops, seminars, and entertainment happening in your area, which could be a source of revenue for your hotel. Checking in with apps such as Eventbrite and Ticketmaster can help you search by city, dates, times, locations, and maps.

Encourage your sales team to create a local event calendar that lists all the local happenings. This will help you stay on track and help you determine your target audience for marketing. Consider partnering with a local organization to offer unique packages that give your hotel an edge-up on the competition.

Think of your local community as an extension of your hotel’s sales and marketing team. With a targeted approach, your efforts could increase exposure and facilitate partnerships to help drive new and loyal business to your hotel.