Most sales success stories are based on techniques that include the close in the sales strategy from the start. To seal the deal for group and corporate bookings, you’ll want to make sure during the sales process you provide good advice, add value, and utilize your hotel’s unique amenities and services.

Solidifying the following strategies will help you generate revenue, and make your client feel like they are cared for from the first point of contact until the contract is signed.

Personalize Each Pitch.

Prospects receive many calls and emails each week from hotel sales managers just like yourself. Quality communications that speak directly to the meeting planner’s needs will get the most attention. It’s likely you’ve qualified the client before reaching out to determine that they are your ideal guest. Maybe you’ve determined they hold events that would often require rooms for out-of-area travelers. If so, your initial email shall include information related to the events and event dates that will show that you’ve done your research and that you have a basic understanding of their needs.

Showcase Your Hotel’s Uniqueness.

You can count on the fact that event planners and travel managers are seeing many pitches each week. After awhile they may start to sound the same. That’s why it’s critical to stand out providing your hotel’s unique selling points that revolve around location, comfort, and value.

Be sure to provide the benefits with that first communication to grab their attention and show that you can meet their needs. Is your hotel located within close proximity to an airport, restaurants, or sporting venue? Paint a picture of what it would look like and how convenient it would be for their guests to stay with you.

Every guest is looking for comfort. Business travelers often need access to free Wi-Fi or a business center. Or maybe it’s a fitness center where guests can unwind after a stressful day at work. Whatever your idea of comfort is will also resonate with your guests. Be sure to incorporate these selling points into your pitch.

Adding value and saving your potential guests money, can be extremely desirable for large groups. Consider the value your hotel can bring to their group, whether it’s complimentary breakfast or shuttle service, your guests would like to hear about it.

Provide a Vision of Your Staff’s Customer Service.

A group is typically interested in more than just rooms or a meeting room. They are interested in the customer-focused culture you offer at your hotel and that starts with the first communication made by you.

Other hotels may have amenities you don’t offer, for example, an on-site restaurant, but you can demonstrate the high level of service you offer in other ways. Maybe your hotel has a rewards program you can offer for booking a large group. Other ideas to consider are accommodating a cancelation polity or providing a complimentary room based on a minimum number of paid guest rooms.

Lock in that group booking with electronic contracts that will enable your hotel to secure a signature quickly and easily. Showing how you can offer the best customer service through the booking process is a savvy way to let them experience how you will take care of their guests at check-in and beyond.

Keep an Eye on the Competition.

With many competitor hotels, it sometimes happens that the competition outshines you. Experienced hotel sales managers will want to know what competitor hotels are offering and how they may be snagging business from your hotel.

How do they position their offers? What concessions are they offering in their proposals? Understanding your competitors can help you better position your hotel to achieve your group revenue and room night goals.

Inform and Assist.

Overall, meeting planners want to work with a hotel that understands their goals and can help them meet those goals.

Respond quickly to questions and inquiries and include detailed information keeping the process as uncomplicated as possible. You want them to be able to visualize the experience for their guests. Reiterate the amenities you offer, including all complimentary services and even guest room layouts or floor plans so they can be confident and honored to be partnering with your hotel.