You work hard to promote your hotel and more than likely you spend a lot of time and money on advertising each year.  Advertising your hotel is a big part of the business, but so are referrals.  Managing your referrals is a great way to gain new business and is also a great reason to communicate with the clients that provided the referrals.

Take advantage of the times when things go really well for a meeting or group stay. Your clients receive great value from the services your hotel provides, and you want other people to know about it. Read on to learn the five ways to fuel your business growth with referrals.

  1. Capitalize on the good experiences. Send follow-up email after group stays or meetings. Check in to see how their stay was. Did they have a mind-blowing experience?  Did they enjoy the breakfast or the bath amenities provided?  Thank them for their business and ask if there is anything you can do to improve.  Not only does that make them feel special, but it’s also a great tool for gathering information and building your relationship and client database.
  2. Review Social Media. People love to talk these days about all of their experiences—both the good and the bad—and, they love to share it with the world via social media. Make sure your hotel is tapped into the social media apps for business such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Yelp.  This is a great way to see what people are saying and for staying stay in touch with your customers on another level.
  3. Right the wrongs. Unfortunately, things happen and sometimes customers may have an unfavorable experience. Whether it’s a situation that is beyond your control or something you can make better, apologizing, offering a complementary or discounted stay, can turn a negative experience into something positive and keep your clients’ business.
  4. Face-to-face communication with your customers. Take advantage of the face-to-face contact with a customer.  Plan to be available upon arrival to thank them for their stay.  Find out estimated time for departure and find out for yourself how they enjoyed their stay.  And if a face-to-face won’t work, deliver them cookies, or a coffee card to a favorite café in town along with a personal note.
  5. Thank them for their feedback and referrals. When a referral comes through, find out the source and give credit where credit is due. A simple gesture like a handwritten note, or quick email of appreciation acknowledging the referral will keep the referrals coming in time and time again.

Those are just a few ways to make your clients’ experiences more memorable and ensure the possibility for future bookings.

Do you have unique ways you’ve shown your clients that you appreciate their business?  Reach out and share some of your own experiences with client referrals and gestures of appreciation.